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State of the Art Technology & Infrastructure

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State of the Art Technology & Infrastructure

Savani Eye Hospital is a centre of excellence and is equipped with world class modular operation theatres having facility for laminar air flow, air exchanges as per technical recommendations, HEPA Filters and pressure gradients to ensure sterility and utmost patient safety. Hospital is equipped with high end equipment of latest technology, sourced from reputed suppliers.


List of Equipment available at Savani Eye Hospital.

Diagnostic Equipment:

a) Retinal (green laser)
b) Anterior segment laser (Yag Laser) (NIDEK, Japan)

  1. IOL MASTER 500 (Carl Zeiss, Germany)
  2. Cirrus HD-OCT (Carl Zeiss, Germany)
  3. Oculus – PENTACAM (Oculus-USA)
  4. Humphrey field analyzer (Carl Zeiss, Germany)
  5. Ultrasound B Scan (Appasamy, India)
  6. Digital fluorescein  fundus imaging system (Topcon, Japan)
  7. LASER  Machine ( NIDEK)
  8. I Design – advanced wavefront imaging (AMO,USA)
  9. Auto- lens meter
  10. A-scan ultrasound
  11. Keratometer
  12. Synoptophore
  13. LCD visual acuity charts
  14. Autorefractokeratometer ( NIDEK,Japan)
  15. Non contract Tonometer ( NIDEK,Japan)
  16. Slit lamp (haag Streit, Carl Zeiss)

Operating Room Equipment:

  1. Advanced Phaco machines (INFINITI vision system with OZil, AMO and NIDEK, Laureate world Phaco system.)
  2. Advanced Femto Cataract machine (CATALYS – Laser Cataract Surgery)
  3. Advanced Femto Lasik machine ( Bladeless Lasik Surgery) (IFS) (AMO,USA)
  4. Star S4 IR Excimer Laser for Lasik (AMO,USA)
  5. Accurus Vitrecomy system ( 23G, 25G),
  6. Radio frequency machine (Ellman) etc.