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Optical Service Shop

Optical Service 

Optical Services at Savani Eye Hospital have the right combination of options and expertise to meet your optical requirements, from routine glasses to highly specialized eyewear. Our focus is on the best quality at a reasonable price. We welcome patients with prescriptions from any doctor, and we guarantee the quality of our work.

Savani Eye Hospital have an in-house enthusiastic Optical Outlet, which showcases multiple options of brand and non- brand spectacle frames, suiting to every profile of the patients obligation starting from budget frames to high end brand frames. The predictable and stylish frames to match the young and old generation next to have an outlook of style and functionality has been synergised in the assortment of frames displayed. The skilled sales personnel guide the patients on the appropriateness of the frame and the lens prescribed for Single Vision, Bifocal or Progressive Lenses. The branded lenses like Varilux progressive lens, Esillor & Roden with German & France based technologies are dispensed.

Cutting Edge Technology : Switch to Progressive Lenses ( Multi focal lenses ) from Bifocal Lenses.

Optical Service Shop

Apart the Prescription Eyewear, keeping in mind the demand of our dedicated customer base, Savani Eye Hospital outlets, also showcases select brands of Sunglasses in its portfolio. A wide range of stylish but economical sunglass for the young generation is also being introduced.

All the staff at the Savani Eye Hospital is well trained and strives to Enhance and provide the Complete vision to all its dedicated patients.


Some of the well-liked international brands available in our centres

Some of the well-liked international brands available in our centres


At Savani Eye Hospital optical Services, we work hard to be both efficient and patient. While offering option of optical we look at your lifestyle as well as your prescription requirements. We believe in giving you the most personalized human touch by meeting the need for comfort, style and quality at a price which make you feel good.

The reasons for choosing our Optical Services

  • Wide variety, including designer models
  • Great choices for children
  • Reasonable rates
  • Quality frames and lens options, including lightweight titanium, stainless steel or high quality fiber


Plastic lenses are light-weight, low cost, and offers excellent optical qualities. Plastic lenses are highly break-resistant and provide better protection. Plastic lenses are dust and water resistant. Vision errors are corrected effectively by making use of plastic lenses.








Polycarbonate lenses are light-weight, thin and offer excellent optical qualities. Polycarbonate lenses are highly break-resistant and scratch proof. Vision errors are corrected effectively by polycarbonate lenses and provide crisp and crystal clear vision.








Contact Lenses are light-weight, cost-effective and offer a clear and crisp vision. Contact lenses are alternative to eyeglasses offering a hassle-free solution for vision correction. Contact lenses can be categorized as soft lenses, semi-soft lenses, and RGP lenses.

For more about our Optical Services, please feel free to call us at  0261-2-540-799.