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There are clean air operation theaters for routine eye surgeries and for lasik.

  1. All the theaters have pressurized air pumped in through special filters called HEPA or high efficacy particulate air filters. To prevent contamination of the inside air, these theaters open into an air-lock room, which then opens to the outside.

  2. The pumped in air produces a pressure gradient, the highest pressure is in the theater, slightly less in the air lock room and atmospheric pressure in the rest of the clinic. Thus, every time the door is opened, the flow of air is always from inside to out, preventing contaminated air entering the operation theater.There is a separate pass box for transferring used instruments. The pass box also has double doors to prevent contamination of air in the operation theater.

  3. Jointless floor to prevent collection of dust

  4. Dust repelling aluminium double walls with antibacterial polyurethane foam between the two walls. The glass walls are also double walled with antibacterial silica gel between the two walls.

  5. Coving (or rounding) of all corners in the theater for easy cleaning and to prevent collection of dust.

Almost all of the surgeries are done using one of the three operating microscopes from Zeiss, Germany. Unprecedented clarity with high magnification has made surgery safer and predictable.






For prevention of infection, we strictly follow the NABH protocols for cleaning and sterilization of instruments. The processes are documented and checked repeatedly for better compliance.

The initial cleaning of instruments is done by ultrasonic cleaner followed be intensive cleaning with the cleaner made by tutaneur of Holland.

The instruments are then sterilized using an autoclave from tutaneur of Holland.

The gas sterilization is done using an ETO gas sterilizer from PCI of India. The sterilization is done using fully automated instruments to prevent human error.